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Transfer of PII via Corvidae

Sharing of Client IDs 

A client ID, on its own, might not directly reveal a person's identity. However, when combined with other data or if it can be linked to an individual, it could become personally identifiable information (PII). 

Under certain data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Client IDs may be considered as PII.  

GDPR is a stringent set of rules designed to protect privacy and the rights of individuals. PII, such as client IDs, falls within the scope of GDPR regulations.  

The GDPR is designed to safeguard the privacy and data of individuals. When it comes to sharing attribution data, including PII might infringe upon these principles if shared without clear and explicit consent or legitimate purpose. Sharing client IDs without the users’ informed consent can breach GDPR guidelines.  

GDPR also outlines strict rules for secure data transfer and processing of personal data. Sharing PII of this nature requires adequate security measures and compliance to prevent unauthorised access, breaches, or misuse of this data.  

Sharing Client IDs may also blur the responsibilities of the processor and controller, this could create ambiguity in accountability and compliance with GDPR regulations and may trigger the need for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). 

Corvidae is designed to be a privacy-first platform which does not process PII, to allow for effective use of its powerful stitching technology to improve marketing decisions compliantly. As such, we do not support the stitching of Client IDs directly into paths generated by Corvidae, Except as part of privacy-preserving processes such as via Clean Rooms, or using non-reversible Cohorting. 

Please speak to your Client Success manager if you wish to know more about our policies on ensuring compliant data processing and procedures. 

Compliant Cohorts 

When individual paths are grouped into cohorts of sufficient volume they can become non-reversible even when connected to Client IDs, these strict criteria are required to allow sharing of data from or to Corvidae for the purposes of improving marketing effectiveness. 

Clean Room 

We can support sharing data with an established controlled environment or clean room where parties can collaborate on data without directly accessing or compromising the privacy of sensitive information. 

A clean room is a secure environment where people can work with sensitive data such as PII, in a controlled space where access to the information is restricted, and instead, individuals work with processed, aggregated, or anonymised versions of the data to maintain privacy and security while still allowing analysis.  

Clean rooms balance data utility and privacy, allowing organisations to derive insights while safeguarding individual privacy and compliance. 

Please speak to your Success Manager if you operate a Clean Room to allow assessment of compliance and options for data sharing. 

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