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Getting Started

To get started with Corvidae you will first need to log in to your account, if you do not have a Corvidae account please contact our Growth Team.


Once you have an account there are 3 steps to onboarding your website.

  1. Set up your DNS record

  2. Add the Corvidae pixel to your website

  3. Connect your AdTech

You may optionally also have to whitelist the Corvidae CDN, depending on your Content Security Policy.

You will be able to see data in your Corvidae account the day following completion of this setup.

Customising your experience

There are now several ways to you can configure your account to improve data quality and customise your experience.

  • Adding Conversion Types to track the different ways your customers can convert as separate segments

  • Invite your Team to Corvidae

  • Set rules to allocate your touchpoints to the correct Channels

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