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Connecting Criteo to Corvidae

What does connecting to Criteo do?

Connecting Criteo to your Corvidae account allows us to collect Media Spend, Budget, Budget Cadence, and a number of useful pieces of metadata at Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad levels. When blended with AI-powered attribution modelling this allows us to calculate ROAS, CPA, and facilitates performance modelling. To see the Criteo Connection in action connect it now or speak to our Growth Team for a demo.

Connect your Criteo account to Corvidae

Connecting your Criteo account is the first of two steps of importing rich, contextual AdTech data into your Corvidae attribution suite. To do so follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the Connections page in your Corvidae account

  2. Click on “Make a Connection”

  3. Select Criteo from the resulting modal

  4. Authorise your Criteo account using an Admin login. If you do not have Admin access to your Criteo account, please visit the User Management page and invite a Criteo account manager.

Please repeat these steps for all Criteo accounts which direct traffic to your tracked domains.

The Criteo connector is currently in Beta. If you do not have access to this feature please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Add Corvidae tracking parameters to your ads

Once you have added connections to all of your Criteo accounts, Criteo require you to manually add tracking parameters to pass data to external analytics tools. To add Corvidae tracking parameters to each of your Criteo please:

  1. Log in to Criteo account and visit the Ad Sets tab

    criteo - ad sets short.png

  2. For each Ad Set click on the three dots in the right column and select Ads Tracking

    criteo - ads tracking.png

  3. In the Apply a suffix text field append the qc_adtech, qc_adtech_cid, and qc_campaign parameters with the values below, following this structure &parameter=value

    criteo - parameters.png



URL encoded campaign name

The qc_campaign must be the campaign name which you can find here, and it must be URL encoded if it contains any special characters. We recommend for encoding your campaign name.

criteo - parameters example.png

In this example there was 1 pre-existing parameter
and we appended our 3 new parameters
The final string is

Notice the campaign name example campaign 1 has been encoded to example%20campaign%201

  1. Press “Save and apply”

    criteo - save.png

Every new Ad Set created must include these 3 parameters in order to be correctly joined to Corvidae attribution data.

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